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Multiclass Archetypes Empty Multiclass Archetypes

Post by Oblivion on Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:14 pm

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AKA Making Hybrid Classes before Hybrid Classes were cool.

These guys have good stuff. Didn't know until recently that they had a whole wiki of their stuff together, rather than having to scour their now-six threads on Paizo for stuff. Consider this wiki as much allowed in my games as anything on PFSRD.

Luminiere Solas wrote:i don't get why people see D&D or it's derivatives as medieval european.

you have medieval knights wearing rennaiscane era armor, wielding roman era falcatas, worshipping greek gods, traveling with native american shamans wearing the hides of saharan beasts, who transform into prehistoric dinosaurs who are accompanied by modern japanese schoolgirls wielding Tokugawa Era Daisho and Wearing black pajamas, and old men wearing robes and pointed hats who chant mathematical equations to control reality, on a journey to kill brain eating space aliens, giant sentient firebreathing spellcasting reptiles and sentient jello.

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