Let's get imaginative.

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Post by Oblivion on Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:27 pm

Setting - "Genocide" by HammerFall
Race - "Break the Chains" by Dream Evil
Class - "The Sledge" by Dream Evil
Character Theme - "Lost in Space" by Avantasia
Sidekick - "Falling Sparrow" by Masterplan

Backstory - "Rat Race" by Avantasia
Motivation - "Anthem" by Kamelot
Drawback/Failing - "Romanticide" by Nightwish

Philosophy - "Back in Control" by Sabaton
Moral Code - "King of Fools" by Edguy

In a world teetering on the edge of the Apocalypse (Genocide), a kytonblooded Tiefling (Break the Chains) hammer-wielding Fighter (The Sledge) drifts about on a meandering vagabond journey (Lost in Space) with only a young orphan he adopted at the request of her dying grandparent (Falling Sparrow) as company.

He's out on his own away from the monotony and pointless squabbling of civilization (Rat Race) searching for real meaning to existence (Anthem). However has become emotionless and detached due to experiences and time spent wandering alone, and may well be incapable of love (Romanticide).

Has a control complex, needing always to be in command of things and very much dislikes it when unexpected or unpredicted things occur, as well as a very strong "What is mine is mine" mindset (Back in Control), and is defiant toward those with whom he disagrees, especially those who try to command him in return (King of Fools).

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Let's get imaginative. - Page 2 Empty Re: Let's get imaginative.

Post by Journeyman on Wed Nov 21, 2012 4:57 pm

Challenge Accepted!

Setting - "Point of No Return" by Dream Evil
Race - "Magical Weapon Nash"
Class - "My Friend Jesus" by Newsboys
Character Theme - "Sweet Pea" (Missy Files -Changes in the Wind) by Bibleman
Sidekick - "Disaster" by Since October

Backstory - "The Stand" by Michael W Smith
Motivation - "Witch Doctor" by The Chipmunks
Drawback/Failing - "One Step Closer" by Lincoln Park

Philosophy - "You are Worthy of my Praise" by Charlie Hall
Moral Code - "You are Crowned with many Crowns" by Kent Henry

So, we find our protagonist on the Fugue Plane (Point of No Return). He came there not by death, but by purpose. He is warforged (Magical Weapon Nash) and so does not know death. What he does know is his faith. He is an evangelist (My Friend Jesus) of Demeter (Sweet Pea), seeking to bring renewal to the faithless. His assistant is an orphan who has lost everything but draws strength from overcoming tribulation (Disaster). Nash came to this path after witnessing a martyr give everything for the faith, an example he strives to emulate (The Stand). He feels alive in the unity of worship, encouraging others to renew their faith through praise so that he can share in that feeling again and again (Witch Doctor). Still, his capacity for shared joy is matched by a dangerous vulnerability to sharing negative emotions as well, the despair of the faithless threatening him with self-destruction (One Step Closer). His message is simple, "find the one who is worthy, honor that being in submission and praise" (You are Worthy of Praise.) He truly believes that glory, authority, and praise are earned by good deeds and righteousness (You are Crowned with many Crowns).

Nightmare Difficulty Complete!... or is it? The preponderance of Christian music in my library may skew my results. I suspect that I'll get some variation on the missionary cleric most times I take this challenge.

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